Baptisms at St. Thomas Aquinas

Welcome to St. Thomas Aquinas Baptism Preparation!

Congratulations on the happy occasion of the impending baptism of your child.  We are so pleased that you are here at St. Thomas Aquinas to celebrate this special day in the life of your family.

Please read the following information carefully and then click on the links to register for the Pre-Baptism Class and/or to sign up for a Sunday baptism.

Celebrating the Sacrament of Baptism

Baptisms of infants and children are normally held on the first and third Sundays of each month at 2:30 p.m. in the Church. Preregistration is required for those Sunday baptisms, and you will have the opportunity to register later in this introductory process.

  • Parents should be registered members of St. Thomas Aquinas Parish, or live within the parish boundaries.
  • Parents and Godparents are required to have attended a Pre-Baptismal Preparation class sometime within the past four years.  Documentation of that attendance is required.
  • Godparents must be active and practicing Catholics who can serve as role models and mentors for the child being baptized and be living in accord with Catholic moral teaching.
    • If married (to each each other of others) a godparent must be in a marriage recognized by the Catholic Church.
    • If single, a godparent may not be cohabitating (i.e., "living together" in a marital manner) with a partner.
  • Each child should have at least one name that is the name of a saint.

Baptism Preparation

If parents and godparents have not attended a Pre-Baptism Preparation Class (either here at St. Thomas Aquinas or at some other Catholic Church) in the past, they are required to attend one before the baptism of the child can take place.  Most couples find it more convenient to attend the class before the birth of their first child.  Documentation of attendance at a prior Prebaptismal Class may be required at Baptism.

Pre-Baptism preparation classes for parents and godparents are held every first Saturday at 10 a.m. in the St. Joseph Room unless otherwise noted.

During this time of shelter-in-place, please know that Baptism Prep classes continue to be provided by St. Thomas Aquinas, but by Zoom. You can register for Baptism Prep classes as you normally do, and we will send you a Zoom invitation by email to attend a class at the date and time specified on the website. Certificates of attendance can be provided.



To Register For The Pre-Baptism Preparation Class
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If you have already taken the Pre-Baptism Preparation Class and want to sign up for a Baptism date
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