Monday of the 31st Week in Ordinary Time and it is All Souls' Day

Greetings Dear STA Parishioners and Special Friends:

Welcome to Monday of the 31st Week in Ordinary Time.  Today is All Souls’ Day.  You can find today’s readings if you Click Here for Today's Readings .  On All Souls’ Day, any readings taken from the Masses for the Dead may be used.  The ones in the link are the ones on the USCCB website and are the ones Deacon Tony has chosen for today.

Deacon Tony Campise is our celebrant and homilist today for the Liturgy of the Word.  Our reflection at the end of the Liturgy of the Word is a prayer to The Infant Jesus of Prague.

You can find our Liturgy of the Word video today if you go to our website (link is above) and then click on the Facebook link at the top of the page.  Scroll down until you find Monday of the 31st Week in Ordinary Time.  While you are there, you might want to check out yesterday’s Live-Stream Mass, which is posted there on our Facebook page.

Here is a reflection (as copied from the Magnificat) from Pope John Paul II regarding All Souls’ Day:

“In praying for the dead, the Church above all contemplates the mystery of the Resurrection of Christ, who obtains salvation and eternal life for us through his Cross…. To believe in the resurrection of the flesh is to recognize that there is a final end, an ultimate goal for all human life, which so satisfies man’s appetite that nothing else is left for him to desire…. Joined to the merits of the saints, our fraternal prayer comes to the aid of those who await the beatific vision. Intercession for the dead, just as the life of those living according to the divine commandments, obtains the merits that serve the full attainment of salvation. It is an expression of the fraternal charity of the one family of God…. Contemplation of the lives of those who have followed Christ encourages us to lead a good, upright Christian life so that we can prepare ourselves each day for eternal life.”—Saint John Paul II

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We sure hope you have a blessed week.

Your servant in Christ,

Deacon Ken