Thursday of the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time and the Memorial of St. Pope John Paul II

Shalom, Y’All:

Welcome to Thursday of the 29h Week in Ordinary Time.  Today’s readings can be found if you Click Here for Today's Readings . Our reflection after the Liturgy of the Word is a prayer to our Guardian Angels.

Yours truly is the celebrant and homilist of today’s Liturgy of the Word, and I was very thrilled when I discovered that today was the Memorial of St. Pope John Paul II.  I have some personal encounter stories to tell, and I tell them in today’s homily in our Liturgy of the Word, which can be found on our Facebook page.

And yes, that is me in the photo below, when our son, Chris, and I went to Rome together many years ago.  (Chris is the one to my right…you can just barely see him peeking through. Chris shook the Pope’s hand just before me.)

And yes, I was without mustache.  I decided to shave it off during the trip just for fun.  When I got off the plane when we got home, my wife and our oldest daughter, Stevie, laughed loudly and emphatically told me to grow it back!  LOL.

John Paull II

Here is a bit of info on JP II:

John Paul II was born Karol Wojtyła in Wadowice, Poland, in 1920. He labored in a quarry during the Nazi occupation of Poland. He served as a priest and then a bishop under the succeeding Soviet regime. Upon his election as pope in 1978, his first words were those of Christ: “Be not afraid.” Later he wrote, “Peoples and nations of the entire world need to hear these words. Their conscience needs to grow in the certainty that Someone exists who holds in his hands the destiny of this passing world…. And this Someone is Love—Love that became man, Love crucified and risen, Love unceasingly present among men.” John Paul II died on April 2, 2005

I hope you can take the time to view the video and hear the stories.  He was an incredibly special servant of the Lord, and I was so blessed to have been able to be in his presence 3 times.

It was great to get some positive feedback today on my announcement yesterday of the fact that we are upgrading our cameras and recording equipment in order to continue broadcasting our live-stream Mass even after we get back to some semblance of normal.

A whole lot of people who are shut-ins or who are elderly and just can’t make it to Mass have indicated that they are very grateful to us for live-streaming the Masses.  They love being inside STA and seeing the Church and the people, even if only virtually.

In fact, one person was so moved by the announcement yesterday that they contacted me and committed to giving a very healthy and generous donation to help us cover the rather large expense of the system.  We are most grateful for this generous gift, especially during these tough times!

Well, we are approaching the weekend and our Sunday Masses.  As usual, the 10:30 Mass is full, but the others still have slots available.  Weekday Masses are all open.

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And, an important reminder: This coming Tuesday’s 9:00 am Confessions have been cancelled.  This is due to the fact that all of our priests in the Diocese are to be in a meeting that has been called by Bishop Burns.

I hope you are blessed by today’s message, and I hope to see you at Church this weekend.

Your servant in Christ,

Deacon Ken