Thursday of the 33rd Week in Ordinary Time

Shalom, Y’All:

Welcome to Thursday of the 33rd Week in Ordinary Time.  You can find today’s readings if you Click Here for Today's Readings .

Yours truly is the celebrant and homilist for today’s Liturgy of the Word, which is live now on our Facebook page.  The reflection at the end of the Liturgy of the Word is a prayer to our Guardian Angels.

The Gospel story today is the story of Jesus on His way into Jerusalem during His final days on earth, and He stops for a moment and weeps over Jerusalem as He gazes down from the Mt. of Olives.  It is so rich for me to pause and prayerfully think of all of the things that Jesus may have been thinking as He wept, and I invite you to do the same.  I discuss a couple of those things in my homily today.

The picture above is a view out of the window at Dominus Flevit, the chapel on the hill coming down from the Mt. of Olives into Jerusalem…the Palm Sunday walk.  Dominus Flevit means “God Wept.”

Here is another picture…a picture of the outside of the Chapel itself:

If you look at the top and if you look on the right in the middle of the picture, you will see some large replicas of tear jars…an interesting bit of architecture included in the building of this chapel.  Tear jars were used during the time of Jesus by women who would collect their tears in the jars.  It seems that there was a custom of putting the jars of tears in tombs of the deceased as a sign of respect and love for the deceased.  I thought you might find this bit of information interesting as we contemplate the tears of Jesus.

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I do indeed  hope you are touched by today’s Liturgy of the Word.  Our desire is that we all stay closely connected…even if via the internet…during this difficult time.  I am praying for you and I know you are praying for us.

Blessings to all.

Your servant in Christ,

Deacon Ken