Tuesday of the 31st Week in Ordinary Time - Optional Memorial of St. Martin de Porres

Shalom, Y’All:

Welcome to Tuesday of the 31st Week in Ordinary Time.  It is also the Optional Memorial of St. Martin de Porres.  The readings for today can be found if you Click Here for Today's Readings .

Yours truly is the celebrant and homilist for today.  The reflection at the end is a prayer to Our Lady of Fatima, and I have added the Ave Maria at the end as we pray extra hard on this Election Day.

Here is a bit of info on St. Martin de Porres as taken from the Magnificat:

Martin was born the son of a Spanish nobleman and a former slave in Peru. As a young man, he trained as a barber and applied to be a servant at the Dominican Convent of the Holy Rosary, where he eventually took vows as a lay brother. Martin loved the menial tasks: cooking, cleaning, and feeding the unwanted and the abandoned. In the infirmary he cured the sick, and in the backyard he fed the mice, whose language he seemed to know. Martin died in 1639 at the age of sixty. His attributes in art are a broom and the mice that hearkened to his word.

Well, as I alluded to earlier, as you all know today is Election Day.  As I mention in the intro to today’s Liturgy of the Word, I am so looking forward to this day being over.  We won’t have to see any more political ads on TV.  Hallelujah! 

Unfortunately, I don’t expect the election to really be over at the end of today…I suspect there will still be some yelling and moaning and groaning for some time.  Who knows when it will finally come to an end?  Of course, it is 2020.

My homily today challenges us to embrace today’s first reading and take on the humility of Christ so as to treat others with the love of Christ with the hope of changing our attitudes toward each other and bringing peace to the world.  If you don’t have time to view the video, at least please read today’s first reading from Paul’s letter to the Philippians.  It is powerful to contemplate the humility of Jesus.

I hope you have a blessed day today, and please join me in praying that God’s will can prevail in this country today.

Your servant in Christ,

Deacon Ken