Bishop Barron’s Word on Fire Now Available for STA Parishioners

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STA parishioners now have free access to Bishop Baron’s Word on Fire ENGAGE video library when you sign up at Flocknote.

If you are already signed up, just log in at and click on the “Visit WoFDigital” button. You will be logged into Word on Fire automatically.

The Word on Fire video library has hundreds of videos to deepen your faith through lectures, reflections, mini-courses, and even children’s programming.

You even get access to the highly acclaimed “Catholicism” series (all 10 parts).

You will be amazed. And it is brought to you by St. Thomas Aquinas through Flocknote.

What is Flocknote?

Flocknote helps the parish communicate with you through email or text messaging. You are always in control of what you want to recieve! You may just want to get a monthly newsletter... no problem. Would you like to know when weather causes Mass cancellations? No problem.

You will never get overwhelmed by communications you don't want.

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