Documents You Will Need

Newly Issued Copy of Baptismal Certificate:

The Catholic party (or parties) must obtain newly issued baptismal certificates from the Church where you were baptized. These must be dated no more than six months before the time they are turned in. A newly issued baptismal certificate is required for the Catholic party only and it must be newly issued...not the one that was issued shortly after your baptism. You may obtain this certificate by calling the Church where you were baptized and asking them for a newly issued baptismal certificate with notations.

  • For those baptized Christians who are not Catholic, some form of proof of baptism is necessary. A certificate from your Church of baptism (even the one issued at the time of baptism) or a letter from one of your parents or someone who witnessed the baptism are acceptable proofs of baptism.
  • Bring the newly issued copy of your baptismal certificate and/or your proof of baptism with you to the first meeting.

Affidavit of Free Status:

  • The Affidavit of Free Status is a form which asks one of the parents or another relative of each of you to be a witness to the fact that you are free to marry.
  • These two forms (one for the bride and one for the groom) will be given to you at the Marriage Orientation Meeting, and you are to bring them with you to the first meeting.

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Civil Marriage License:

  • If you are being married in Texas, you need a Texas Marriage License and you will need to bring it with you to the last meeting.
  • This is obtained from any County Clerk in Texas (214-653-7131 for information and to find the location nearest you).
  • In Texas, there is a 72 hour waiting period before the license may be used, so please do not wait until the week of your wedding to obtain the license. You may obtain the license from any County Courthouse in Texas as far out as 90 days prior to the wedding.
  • If you are being married outside of Texas, you must check on the requirements of that state or country, which may vary from the requirements in Texas.
  • A wedding ceremony cannot be conducted in any state until you present a valid marriage license.

If you anticipate having any visiting clergy for your wedding, please note:

Letter of Good Standing for Weddings at St. Thomas:

  • Any priest or deacon from outside the Diocese of Dallas who plans to celebrate or assist with your wedding here at St. Thomas must have a current Letter of Good Standing from his Bishop or the Superior of his order.
  • This letter must be issued within six weeks of the wedding date and approved by the Chancellor of this Diocese before the ceremony may take place.
  • This is a firm policy to which no exceptions can be made.

If your wedding is to take place outside of the Diocese of Dallas, you will need additional information:

Wedding Location Information Form:

  • If your wedding will be held outside of the Dallas Diocese (including International weddings), please complete the Wedding Location Information form.
  • Please print it, and bring it to your first meeting.

Click here for PDF of Wedding Location Information Form

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