Family Matters

Marriage marks a time of new beginnings. Sometimes engaged couples think they are bringing a “blank slate” to marriage and doing something absolutely different from what their parents did. But every engaged couple brings into a marriage their own family-of-origin history and heritage. The first part of this seminar is designed to help you and your beloved explore what each of you brings into the marriage from your family, and how these elements can be useful in crafting your own marital identity as a couple.

Having children is a milestone event in a marriage. The second part of this seminar builds on the discoveries of the first. When each of you know and understand the models of parenting you bring to the relationship, you can together envision your own style of parenting. Additionally, you can begin to envision the ways the two of you can keep your couple relationship strong, which is the firmest of foundations for being the best of parents.

When and where are the classes? This presentation is given twice a month, on a weekend evening from 7-9 pm or on a Saturday morning from 10-12. Please use the form below to register. We ask you to register at least two weeks before the class you wish to attend. Dates, times and locations are given below.

During this time of shelter-in-place, please know that Marriage Prep classes continue to be provided by St. Thomas Aquinas, but by Zoom. You can register for Marriage Prep classes as you normally do, and we will send you a Zoom invitation by email to attend a class at the date and time specified on the website. Certificates of attendance can be provided.

(Please note that we must have at least 3 couples registered 2 weeks prior for a class to “make”. If a class does not “make” you will be notified as soon as possible and invited to register for another date.)