If You Are Preparing to Marry At St. Thomas


  1. Register online for the Marriage Orientation Meeting, which is held twice a month.   Register Here
  2. Attend Marriage Orientation Meeting; you will be given directions for completing the FOCCUS Assessment on-line.
  3. Complete the FOCCUS assessment on-line after  attending the Marriage Orientation Meeting. You will be informed at the meeting as to how to do this.
  4. Collect Documents You Will Need
  5. Please have these documents in hand when you come to the First Meeting”.


  1. Schedule your “First Meeting”. If you will be working with Fr. John Libone or with Fr. James Dorman, please contact Kim Campise at 214-821-3360 or email her at Campise@stadallas.org. If you will be working with Deacon Ken Reisor, please contact Dana Dulworth at 214-821-3360 or ddulworth@stadallas.org.  Normally, a date will be set for your wedding at the end of this first meeting.  It is important to note that the parish will not set a date for your wedding until the end of the First Meeting.
  2. Register for, but do not attend until after the First Meeting”:


  1. Attend the First MeetingNo wedding date will be set at St. Thomas Aquinas until this “First Meeting” has taken place.

    Please bring to the First Meeting:

    • The required documents
    • The first payment of $300
    • If you wish to have a priest or deacon from outside the Diocese of Dallas officiate at your wedding here at St. Thomas, the priest or deacon conducting this “First Meeting” will explain the necessary steps to be taken, including the first Letter of Suitability from the celebrant’s Bishop or Religious Superior, which must be sent to the Bishop of the Diocese of Dallas.  
  2. Attend the five classes mentioned above within 3 months of the date of the Marriage Orientation Meeting, if possible.
  3. Schedule your “Second Meeting”.  Please contact Kim Campise (for Fr. John Libone or Fr. James Dorman) or Dana Dulworth (for Deacon Ken Reisor) no earlier than 5 months before the wedding.
  4. Attend the “Second Meeting and bring certificates from the five classes mentioned above.


  1. The Music Department will contact each couple approximately 3 months before the wedding to schedule a meeting to plan the music for the wedding, so there is no need for the couple to contact Mr. Conrady prior to this time unless there are unusual circumstances.  You can see more information at Music.
  2. Complete your liturgical choices (readings, etc.)
  3. If your celebrant is a priest or deacon from outside the Diocese of Dallas, ask your celebrant to have his Bishop or religious superior send a “Letter of Suitability” to Bishop Burns of the Diocese of Dallas with a copy to Fr. Libone  no earlier than 6 weeks before the wedding.
  4. Schedule your “Third Meeting” with your officiant through Kim Campise or Dr. Anne Lucchetti. This meeting should occur within 2-4 weeks of the wedding.
  5. Acquire the marriage license – this may be done within 90 days of the scheduled wedding but must be acquired at least 72 hours prior to the wedding.


  1. Attend the Third Meeting. Please bring:
    • The marriage license
    • The final payment of $325 payable to St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church
    • A payment of $300 payable to Michael Conrady for the music fee (if you did not pay him personally when you had your meeting with him.)
    • The Florist Agreement, signed by the provider.
    • The Photographer/Videographer Agreement, signed by the providers.
    • If you are considering making a gift to the priest or deacon celebrating your wedding (never required but always appreciated) this would be the appropriate time to do so.