If You Are Preparing To Marry at a Different Church


  1. Register online for the Marriage Orientation Meeting, which is held twice a month.
  2. Attend Marriage Orientation Meeting; you will be given directions for completing the FOCCUS Assessment on-line.
  3. Complete the FOCCUS assessment on-line after  attending the Marriage Orientation Meeting.
  4. Collect Documents You Will Need.  
  5. Please have these documents in hand when you come to the “First Meeting”.


  1. Schedule your “First Meeting”. Please contact Dana Dulworth at ddulworth@stadallas.org or 214-821-3360 to set up this “First Meeting”, which will be with Deacon Ken Reisor. Deacon Ken handles the preparation for marriages outside St. Thomas
  2. Schedule (to attend at a time after the “First Meeting”) the required:


  1. Attend the “First Meeting” Please bring the required documents, and your payment of $300 to the meetingSince you will be marrying elsewhere, this will be your only payment required.
  2. Attend the five classes mentioned above within 3 months of the date of the Marriage Orientation Meeting, if possible.
  3. Schedule your “Second Meeting” with Deacon Ken through Dana Dulworth. If you are marrying outside the country, please email Dana Dulworth at ddulworth@stadallas.org to schedule this meeting with Deacon Ken no less than 4 months before the wedding.  If you are marrying in another place within the US this meeting should take place no less than 3 months  before the marriage.
  4. Attend the “Second Meeting and bring certificates from the five classes mentioned above.

This will conclude your marriage preparation at St. Thomas.