Wedding Details

Wedding Days and Times

For more information about days and times for the weddings, including rehearsal times, please see Wedding Days and Times.


  • Michael Conrady, Director of Music, will assist you with your music selections, which must be suitable for a sacred ceremony.
  • The wedding music consultation will take place 60-90 days before the wedding date.
  • The Music Department will contact each couple approximately 3 months before the wedding to schedule those appointments, so there is no need for the couple to contact Mr. Conrady unless there are unusual circumstances.
  • Consultations will generally be scheduled on Wednesday evenings at either 5 or 6 pm.

Is There a Fee For a Wedding at St. Thomas?

  • As is the case with all weddings, there are costs associated with weddings here at St. Thomas.
  • There is also a minimal fee for preparation for weddings taking place elsewhere.
  • Please go to Is There a Fee For a Wedding at St. Thomas for detailed information.

Practical Considerations

As with any public event, there are several practical considerations that must be considered.  Florists, photographers, videographers, wedding programs, proper attire, etc.  So, it is important for you to be aware of these practical considerations before your wedding.

There are some forms for the florists and photographers/videographers to sign, so please go to Practical Considerations for those forms as well as more information.

General Questions About Marriage Preparation

  • If you have questions about the Marriage preparation process, or prior marriages, please contact Mrs. Meg Hogan at .
  • If you have questions about the wedding Mass or ceremony itself or anything relating to the day of your wedding, please contact Mrs. Rosanna Hughey at .