Michael Conrady will assist you with your music selections, which must be suitable for a sacred ceremony. Although only St. Thomas musicians may accompany weddings, Dr. Conrady is happy to arrange for any additional musicians that you would like to play or sing for your wedding (e.g., vocalist, trumpet, string ensemble, flute, or harp). In order to maintain the highest level of musicianship, St. Thomas maintains a list of preferred professional musicians who perform here regularly and are dedicated to the highest standards of musicianship and ministry. Any special requests should be discussed in detail with the music department as early as possible.

The wedding music consultation will take place approximately 30- 60 days before the wedding date. The Music Department will contact each couple before the wedding to schedule those appointments, so there is no need for the couple to contact the music department earlier unless there are special requests or circumstances.

UPDATE: Due to COVID, we are unable to accommodate any family members, friends, or any other guest musicians during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.