The Dolmetsch Harpsichord

The historic Dolmetsch harpsichord at St. Thomas Aquinas was built in 1919 by early music pioneer Arnold Dolmetsch in his shop in Haslemere, Surrey. This single-manual harpsichord features a persimmon finish with hand-applied gold gilding. The harpsichord has a full 5-octave range (FF-f3) and features a lute stop as well as a forte stop, allowing for a variety of effects to be realized on the single-manual instrument. The instrument has pear jacks and has been recently restored to utilize leather plectra, a unique feature that was idiomatic to Dolmetsch instruments of that era.

The Dolmetsch harpsichord is on loan from a private collection and has been featured at various chamber music concerts in the St. Thomas Aquinas Lenten Concert Series.