The Schudi Pipe Organ

The Schudi pipe organ in the main church has served the parish faithfully since its installation in 1978.  This beautiful organ is a marvelous tribute to the skilled craftsmen who constructed it.  It is a wonderful musical instrument, which, in the hands of the skilled artists who play it, transport us closer to heaven. The music program is the heart and soul of our life of worship here at Saint Thomas Aquinas Church, and we are able to accomplish such a rich and varied program because of the remarkable quality of our organ and the skill of the musicians who make it “sing” to the glory of God.

Special recognition is due each person that constructed this instrument. Marvin Judy supervised the construction and installation of all parts and collaborated on the stop specification and pipe scales. George Gilliam made the case design, working drawings, stop specifications, and pipe scales. Assisting in the construction and installation were Bradford Allen, Mark Bolden, Chis Bullok, Charles Leonard, and David Zuber. Marvin Judy and George Gilliam voiced the pipes.

Additions to the instrument occurred in 1987 by Marvin Judy. He installed a Trompette en Chamade to the third manual and a Contre-Bombarde to the Pédale. Dr. R. Paul Bordlee, donated the Flûte Harmonique (Grand Orgue) in memory of his mother and of Paul Alphonse Riedo, previous Organist and Choirmaster. At the time of installation, the builder moved the Voix Humaine to the expressive division rendering the instrument more versatile.

The Specifications of the Organ
Schudi Organ Company Opus 6 — 1978

Grand Orgue (II)  
Bourdon 16
Montre 8
Flûte Harmonique 8
Flûte a cheminee 8
Prestant 4
Flûte a fuseau 4
Doublette 2
Sesquialtera II 2-2/3
Fourniture VI 1-1/3
Trompette 8
Clairon 4
Grand Cornet V (III)  
Trompette en Chamade (III)
Positif-Expréssif (I)  
Bourdon 8
Viole de Gambe 8
Voix Céleste 8
Prestant 4
Flûte a cheminee 4
Nazard 2-2/3
Quarte de Nazard 2
Tierce 1-3/5
Larigot 1-1/3
Cymbale V 1
Cromorne 8
Hautbois 8
Voix Humaine 8
Recit (III)  
Trompette en Chamade 8
Grand Cornet V 8
Accouplement Postif/Grand Orgue
Tirasse Grand Orgue  
Tirasse Positif  
Appel Anches Pedale  
Appel Anches Grand Orgue
Tutti Plein Jeu  
Tutti General  
Bourdon 32
Montre 16
Soubasse 16
Flûte 8
Prestant 4
Fourniture V 2
Contre-Bombarde 32
Bombarde 16
Trompette 8
Clairon 4
Trompette en Chamade (III)

Up Close and Personal with STA’s Schudi Organ

July 12, 2019 — Get a closer look at STA’s magnificent organ, inside and out! In a recent interview Dr. Michael Conrady covers the history, features, special techniques, and a tour of the inside.

During the interview he recounts some of the history of the organ and how it has been modified over the years. Dr. Conrady also demonstrates many features of the organ. STA parishioners will recognize many of the sounds he demonstrates.

It is interesting to hear how Dr. Conrady uses the features of the organ to adapt to the needs of various musical styles. At 22 minutes into the video he gives us a 5 minute mini-concert. It is beautiful. Just before the mini-concert, (at 18 minutes) Brent Johnson takes us on a tour inside of the organ. This fascinating view of the organ is a treat for your eyes and ears!

Brent Johnson of the Organ Media Foundation interviewed STA’s Organist and Choirmaster Dr. Michael Conrady about the magnificent Schudi organ installed in 1978.