St. Thomas Aquinas Music Department

St. Thomas Aquinas Sacred Music

Through music, we fulfill God’s instructions to sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs and to praise Him with musical instruments. By dedication and diligent rehearsal, we seek to offer the best music as an offering to God.

Our music program provides leadership for worship and offers our parishioners the opportunity for Christian service, spiritual growth, and musical education through the various choirs.

We receive many blessings from the various talents of our parish members as they generously donate their time and musical gifts. Each person offers a unique talent that God bestows upon him or her. Together, we rehearse and perfect beautiful moments that we pray will nourish the souls of the parish and provide glimpses into the beauty of the Divine.

We welcome new members to the choirs throughout the year. We offer the following information as a means of sharing with you information about our musical family. To sign up for an email newsletter regarding upcoming events and musical opportunities at St. Thomas, please submit your email here to be placed on our mailing list (St. Thomas Aquinas will not share email addresses with any outside parties).