School Advisory Council

  • Nicole Little  

What does the Advisory Council do?

The Advisory Council is charged with advising the principal and pastor in such areas as school tuition and policy. Our goal is to help STA fulfill its mission, as stated in the school handbook, in a fiscally responsible manner.

How often do you meet?

The Advisory Council meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month, from August through May. When necessary, special sessions are held. The general meetings are open to the public and guests are welcome to attend.

What is the method of operation?

The Advisory Council consists of nine voting members and three ex-officio members: the principal, pastor and past-president. Every year, three of the nine positions are up for election by the parish at large. The election is in May each year, with the term of office being three years.

What are the functions of the Advisory Council?

The functions of the Advisory Council are best described by the nine committees which do most of the actual work. These committees include: Executive, Budget, Communications, Development, Nominations, Policy, Facilities, Strategic Planning and Technology. Ad hoc committees are formed some years, depending on need. Currently, we have an Advocacy Sub-committee.

What is the role of the Advisory Council within the STA community?

The role of the Advisory Council is to ensure the needs of the school are met to provide a quality Catholic education and to fulfill its commitment to the families of our parish. We do this by advising and supporting our principal and pastor in school related matters.

You can learn more about the Advisory Council at the STA School website.