STA Scripture Study

  • Mr. Ralph Duesing  
Narrative: Often titled “Christ Pantocrator,” which means “Ruler of All,” Christ the Teacher is one of the best known presentations of Jesus in Byzantine iconography. While holding a Gospel that declares, “I am the Light of the world,” Christ blesses the beholder. His halo includes the letters “I AM,” symbolizing His divinity and referring to His words, “Before Abraham was, I AM.” The Greek letters “IC,” and “XC,” in the upper corners of the icon are abbreviations of the Greek words for “Jesus,” and “Christ.”

Over 15 years ago, the Little Rock Scripture Study program was brought to St. Thomas parish. It is a ministry of the Diocese of Little Rock in Arkansas, in partnership with the Liturgical Press in Collegeville, Minnesota. Little Rock Scripture Study develops Bible study materials which:

  • help people to read, study and live the Word of God.
  • encourage people to grow in personal knowledge of God.
  • help people experience a greater sense of Christian community.
  • promote and teach Roman Catholic biblical scholarship.

Here at St. Thomas parish, our goal is to help Catholics know the bible as the “book of the Church,”. To help us find our way through its pages and apply its Word to our daily lives. Dust off your Bible and join us, enrollment is open to all.