Annual Awareness Update For Previously Cleared Volunteers at STA

(This page is only for previously cleared volunteers. If you have not been cleared as a volunteer at STA click here.)

To remain Safe Environment cleared under the Diocesan Safe Environment Program, all cleared people; including staff members, volunteers, and others; must annually update their Safe Environment training. People must update their training within one year, plus any days till the end of the month that marks the one year anniversary, of their last Safe Environment training.

Cleared people will receive an email near the first of their one year training anniversary month prompting them to update their training. This email notice is dependent on a current email existing for the cleared person in the Safe Environment database.

Please check your Safe Environment database record to ensure a current email is listed. Directions for accessing and correcting this information are outlined below.

Please update your training as soon as possible after receiving the update notice.

Only ONE training course must be completed. You may find a training course and fulfill the update requirement one of two ways: by attending a live training session or by completing an on-line program.

The Diocese will no longer accept as update training a program that an individual has used repeatedly for update training purposes. Please select a different training program from your last submitted update training. Programs used consecutively WILL NOT be accepted.

Your new Safe Environment badge will be mailed. Please wear your Safe Environment badge whenever you volunteer at St. Thomas Aquinas. Please call Gina Rangel at 469-930-5524, or email at with any questions.

To Update Training Online

The SE Database lets you maintain your cleared status without leaving your home and on your own schedule. You do not need to download, print or send in any documentation to the church office. Once completed, the SE Database program will automatically notify the Safe Environment office that your training was updated. To access the SE Database classes, please follow the directions below.

SE Database Program Directions:

  1. Please go to:
    Type your first and last name and street address, then click search. To access your record, your name and address must exactly match the way this information is stored in the database.  If you are unable to access your record, it is most likely that this information is entered differently or you simply mistyped the information.  Please try again using likely alternatives.  If you still cannot access your record, please contact the Safety Director, Gina Rangel, at Once in the system, you may change your information as needed.
  2. Then, click on “update information and continue” at the bottom of the screen.
  3. This new page contains a listing of all the Safe Environment classes you have taken.
  4. Immediately under the “Welcome Your Name” banner, you will find a choice to “View all Online Courses.” Click on that.

Clicking on a listed online course will log you into the course immediately. If you have a current email address in the database, you will receive a confirmation email from the Diocese once you have successfully completed your update training. You are now done; the Safe Environment Director will also receive a copy of this email.