Steps To Become a Cleared Volunteer at STA

For NEW volunteers only

To become a “cleared” volunteer within St. Thomas Aquinas Parish, adults must meet each of the following requirements:

  1. Complete the Safe Environment Screening Form. This form is located at this secure link (which opens a new browser window). Using these secure online forms sends your information directly to the Safe Environment office.
  2. Read the following documents:
  3. Attend a "Recognizing, Responding and Reporting" awareness training session. See a schedule of upcoming sessions below. These sessions are listed in the bulletin every Sunday.
  4. Get an ID Badge. Following the "Recognizing, Responding and Reporting" training session, applicants will be interviewed and have their picture taken for badges.  The Safe Environment Director will mail applicants their badges once the applicants’ references respond and a criminal background check is complete.

All NEW STA Volunteers must attend the "Recognizing, Responding and Reporting" awareness training session which includes a video from the Bishop.

Please do not bring children to the session. Please do not arrive late to the session. Latecomers will be asked to come on another date.


To register for a "Recognizing, Responding and Reporting" class, please click the "Recognizing, Responding and Reporting" button below. When you find the course you want, click “register here!” and follow the directions.

You can also attend a "Recognizing, Responding and Reporting" class at another parish in the diocese. Click on the "Recognizing, Responding and Reporting Training Sessions around the diocese." button below to see other parish classes.

If you would like to attend a training session somewhere other than St. Thomas Aquinas, please be sure to get a certificate or sign in sheet from the training that you attend for your Safe Environment record at St. Thomas Aquinas. Other programs are listed on the training schedule; please attend only a "Recognizing, Responding and Reporting" awareness training session.