Using the St. Jude Library

Library Patrons

Any member of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church may check materials out of the library once a patron card (one per household) has been filed with the library staff and the patron information is entered into the Athena program. The patron card will be updated periodically and will aid the staff in maintaining control of resources as well as obtaining a profile of actual users of the library. The profile will be extremely useful in determining the specific needs and interests of the frequent users of the library.

A special section of the library is dedicated to children. However, their parents will be responsible for their behavior in the library and for the materials they check out.

Although at this time only parish members will be allowed to check out materials from the library, guests are welcome to visit and use the library when sponsored by a patron member. The patron member is responsible for his/her guests’ conduct while in the library premises.

Hours of Operation

The library is closed during the pandemic, but you can still check out books, see the instructions on this page.

Library Rules

  • Smoking is not allowed in the library or workroom areas.
  • Food, beverages, and wet garments are also excluded.
  • Proper behavior and handling of resources, equipment, and furnishings is expected of patrons. Compensation for damages and/or replacements may be required.
  • Certain areas are designated and marked for specific functions (reserved materials, new additions, gifts, etc.). These areas are to be used for those purposes only.
  • The library is a place of work and study and a low-noise level is desirable at all times.
  • Group meetings and conferences will be allowed in the library lounge area only with the permission of the Director. The leader of the group is responsible for making sure that furnishings and materials are left in the same condition they were in before the meeting.
  • The workroom is off limits to all except for library and Parish staff and library volunteers.
  • The telephone is for library business only.
  • All items must be checked out before removal from the library.
  • Children under the age of 16 must have adult supervision to use the Media Lounge. Parents will be held accountable for damaged or stolen equipment, furnishings, and materials.

Circulation Procedures

All items must be brought to the circulation desk for completion of a date-due slip. First time users must also fill out a patron card. A staff member will assist the user with these procedures.

If the desired items are not available at the time, a request for them can be entered on the waiting list at the circulation desk. These items will be put on reserve for the next user on the waiting list as they become available. Users will be notified of their availability. Items will be held on reserve for a one-week period. If not picked up by then, they will be passed on to the next user on the waiting list.

Borrowed materials are to be returned to the circulation desk during library hours or to the return slot provided by the display case in St. Ann Hall when the library is closed. Users are asked not to return any item to the shelves or storage area from where they retrieved it.

Borrowing Privileges

Patrons may check out materials in the library with the exception of specially designated collections (antique Bibles, art works, etc.), periodicals, and Reference resources. Items in these categories are to be used only on the library premises.

The following are the allowed loan periods for the various resources:

1 week - videotapes, CDs, DVDs, vertical file items
3 weeks – books, audiocassette tapes

Renewals can be requested and granted if the items have not been filed on the waiting list. Otherwise, the name of the patron petitioning the renewal will be added to the waiting list.

Users are limited to 4 items checked out at one time. The definition of “item” may vary from a single book, videotape, CD, DVD, or an audiocassette tapes

Services Offered by the Library

  • Ready-Reference - The Director and volunteers will attempt to answer, personally or by phone, any question pertaining to subjects within the library’s scope. The staff may require additional time for proper researching.
  • Reserved Materials - Materials that have been requested on the waiting list will be placed on reserve for the next user as soon as they become available. Shelves of reserved items may also be maintained, for limited periods of time, for express use by various groups in the Parish, upon request.
  • Parish Archives - A depository for the St. Thomas Aquinas Archives is maintained by the library and is ready to accept any items of historical interest that Parishioners may wish to give.
  • Free Literature - The library will maintain a place where patrons can find free literature, brochures, schedules, etc.