Prayers for Vocations

Apostolate of Prayer for Vocations

United with our parish family, we offer these prayers each day for an increase of vocations to the priesthood and religious life, and for the perseverance of our priests and religious in their lives of service to the Church.

Prayer for the Perseverance of Vocations

O God, You have constituted Your Only-begotten Son supreme and eternal Priest for the glory of Your majesty and the salvation of mankind: grant that those whom He has chosen ministers and dispensers of His mysteries may be found faithful in fulfilling the ministry they have received.

Family Prayer for Vocations

O Divine Jesus, Who has taught us to pray to the Lord of the harvest that He send forth laborers into His harvest, be pleased to raise up in the church, and in particular in the Diocese of Dallas, many holy Priests and religious to work according to the intentions of Your Heart and to procure by their ministry the salvation of souls and the glory of Your Father. And if it should please You, O Lord to choose one such from our family kneeling before you at this moment, we thank You with all of our hearts on this earth and for all eternity. Amen.

Mary, Mother of Vocations.

Pray for us.