What is a vocation?

Vocation is...

a voice with a singular accent, mysterious, but unmistakable, grave and delicate at the same time.

a voice which is at the time an invitation and an order.

a voice simple as a sigh and profound as a drama.

Christ’s voice, today too, today more than ever, says,

“Come follow me!”

Pope Paul VI

What kinds of people become priests, sisters or brothers?

Are they people who can’t face the competition and cruelty of the “real” world? No. They are people who believe that through ministry they can immerse themselves in the world and make positive changes.

Are they people who don’t relate well with other people? No. They are people who love others — people who find real satisfaction chatting with a 93-year-old parishioner, holding the hand of a cancer patient, listening to the troubles of a streetwise teen.

They are people with the courage to touch lives, hearts and souls in a high-tech, unchurched world.